May 17, 2024

Introducing the 0% Creator Catalyst Program

Introducing the 0% Creator Catalyst Program

Are you a content creator who wants to focus purely on producing great content without the hassle of managing brand partnerships and negotiations? If so, our 0% Creator Catalyst Program might be just what you're looking for!

What is the 0% Creator Catalyst Program?

The 0% Creator Catalyst Program is a pioneering initiative by our agency, designed specifically for influencers in the ed-tech sector. It is the first of its kind in creator management, offering comprehensive services to help you secure more brand deals at absolutely no cost to you.

How It Works

Imagine you had a manager, who managed your sponsorships (as little or as much as you want them to do) and who also helped get new brand deals, and they did it for absolutely FREE! The catch? There isn't one. Our Creator Catalyst program means no more of the administrative legwork—no more managing emails, no more negotiations with brands. Instead, you'll be able to dedicate all your time to what you do best: creating engaging content.

Our Approach

Our unique approach involves leveraging our vast network of brand connections accumulated over years of experience in the influencer marketing industry. We handle everything:

  • Direct Placement: We use our existing relationships to place you in influencer campaigns with some of the biggest names in the industry.
  • New Opportunities: We continuously reach out to new brands to secure fresh sponsorships, ensuring you have a steady stream of opportunities.
  • Personalised Matchmaking: We carefully match your unique content and audience with brands that value and support your creative vision.

Why Offer This for Free?

You might wonder why we would offer such a service at no cost. Our goal is to increase our Market Share within the EdTech industry and get ourselves out there to more brands, and we are doing this by offering the best service out there for great creators like yourself! By eliminating the financial barriers typically associated with management services, we help you thrive without compromising your earnings. This model also allows us to build a robust community of satisfied influencers and brands, fueling our growth and reputation in the industry.

Interested in Joining?

If you're ready to take your content creation to the next level without the extra workload, the 0% Creator Catalyst Program is here to help. Join us and continue to create the content your audience loves while we handle the rest. This isn't just an opportunity; it's a new way of growing your creative career with a partner who genuinely supports your independence and financial success.

Ready to get started?

Here's what it would look like: 

  1. Tell someone from the BrandPlant team you are ready to get started and we will send over the contract
  2. Review and ask questions about the contract, once you are ready sign the contract
  3. We will create you a new sponsorship email that goes "" This will be the new email you put in your bio, this email would be as much yours as it ours and you will have full 100% access
  4. Let us know how much of the workload you need us to do
  5. Fill out the onboarding form